Building Smart Construction

”The place where you live, shapes you…
Do you live in a place that is beneficial for chasing your dreams?”

The future of the world’s urbanization will be mainly in Africa: the continent’s urban population will almost triple in the coming 35 years, with more than 1.3 billion Africans living in cities by 2050 (21% of the world’s urban population). This steep increase in demand for urban housing, fuels CJ Development’ conviction on the need to provide affordable housing projects in Accra’s urban areas and beyond.

Our Believe

We believe our youth is the future. Where they live will shape them in a very profound way. We believe in creating a contemporary affordable living solution for them, to fully inspire like minded ambitious young professionals and students who can then cultivate in a true synergistic, nourishing environment.


Ghana is facing major problems within the urban housing and real estate development:

  • Enormous demand for affordable housing in Accra’s urban areas. Resulting in too many young people (18-30 years) being forced to stay at their parents home way too long. Needless to say, this is far from inspiring. Thus detrimental for their development hence hindering the full potential of Ghana’s next generation. CJ Development has developed a practical Win/Win solution to these problems:


CJ Development initiates and develops large affordable housing projects comprising only studios for ambitious young professionals and students.


By the art of alliance and the power of synergy. Only together we can make a real difference. CJ Development firmly believes in thinking Win/Win. By cultivating our philosophy, everybody wins. We believe in the long term vision of mutual benefits. Sustaining healthy relationships where all stakeholders benefit during the whole process.


All of our large affordable housing projects are situated at strategic locations within Accra’s urban landscape as uniform yet recognizable with a unique appeal . Signified by its subtle but familiar orange and white colours.

Our Solution