Who We Are

Expertise & Experience

CJ Development Ltd is a Ghanaian real estate development and investment company. We’re passionate about developing beautifully unique residential, hospitality and mixed-use projects in Ghana. At our headquarters in Accra, our expert team spanning project development, construction, master planning, integrated marketing, and sales, work tirelessly to bring our developments to life.

With Style & Ingenuity

In essence, with a diverse and talented team driven by our singular vision. We’re bringing together the world’s sharpest, most creative professionals across real estate, engineering, business, marketing, and design, to inject inspiring unique developments into Ghana’s real estate landscape. With our company’s unique combination of Ghanaian ingenuity and European sophistication, it keeps CJ Development’s projects at the very forefront of the Ghanaian real estate industry.

Ghana's Nature & Dutch Quality

From day one, CJ Development has believed in providing home-buyers and investors exclusive opportunities by combining the strengths of Ghanaian and Dutch resources.

Formed through the close friendship between Mr. Okyere and Mr. Van Der Wouden, two spirited entrepreneurs who attended law school together at the University of Amsterdam, CJ Development continues to grow in strength and recognition.

Why Choose Us

From the very beginning our drive has been to build developments to the highest standards, ensuring the very best investment opportunity possible. Something that’s been sincerely lacking in the Ghanaian real estate sector, dominated by conventional developments. As a result, we provide home-buyers and investors with real estate developments that seamlessly combine a modern lifestyle, and importantly, a profitable investment.

Our core objective is to re-imagine Ghana’s real estate sector by developing exceptional buildings through a dedication to Dutch architecture, prime location and local craftsmanship. With this clear vision, we’re creating elegant and timeless developments, elevating Ghana’s innovative urban design.

We’re committed to providing home-buyers and investors with Ghanaian real estate developments that fulfill an exceptional modern lifestyle.


Born into a reputable Ghanaian business family, Kwadwo has always been driven by hard work and a determination. Today he blends his entrepreneurial drive, legal background and a vast wealth of experience as a venture capitalist to international success.

Kwadwo had the good fortune of working with a number of global business leaders over the years, and has been involved with venture capital transactions across Europe and the Middle East. This invaluable experience has helped direct him in making sound investment decisions to this day.

Seeing the investment opportunities in Accra’s real estate sector, he made a bold decision and moved there, making it his mission to deliver innovative real estate developments across Accra with transparency and the very highest standards.


Coming from a Dutch dairy farmer’s family, perseverance, resilience and contagious enthusiasm were developed in Julian from a very young age. Such traits drove him throughout his career as he completed his commercial pilot’s training and went on to fly with renowned Dutch airlines Transavia and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for over a decade. By itself an amazing achievement, especially at his age.

But Julian always wants to grow and is eager to contribute with his talents. And so through his global travels, he noticed many areas with untapped property investment opportunities. He began participating in international real estate projects and also plays a key role in a project closer to home, converting properties from residential to student and expat accommodation in his beloved university town of Groningen. Despite all this, Julian continued to push himself further and went to study law at the University of Amsterdam where he met his Ghanaian counterpart Kwadwo Okyere, also studying law. And so began a successful and inspired business relationship.